SOTD 3.7.19: Reason To Believe - Drawing Board

When I first met my missus I was obsessed with a band called Sensefield (Im sure I've done an SOTD in the past on them) - before that band, singer John Bunch was in Reason To Believe - straddling the SOCal Straight Edge scene and a more melodic vibe this lot were years ahead of the time (along with folks like Verbal Assault) - sounds as good today as it did them. RIP John Bunch

SOTD 3.5.19: The Prodigy - Breathe

Much of my youth was spent of my napper in fields listening to electronic music. The Prodigy always brought the heat. This week we lost a good one. RIP Keith Flint.

SOTD 2.19.19: Dub Pistols - Mucky Weekend

Featuring Rodney P this Jungle rub is a banger. My mate Isaac is obsessed with old UK jungle right now and it's taking me back to the days banged up on E's and whizz driving round the countryside looking for raves. Mucky Weekend?? had 'em mate.....

SOTD 2.15.19: Masters Apprentices - Undecided

You nerds thought rock n roll started in Australia with AC/DC in the 70's. WRONG. Adelaide. 1966. This bunch of ne'er do wells dropped this fucking monster (followed by 3 LP's). Best bit is the break when it goes... ooh ooh. Killer.

SOTD 2.13.19: UK Apache & Shy-FX - Original Nuttah

Jungle was a music sound that spawned Drum And Bass that was 100% English in origin. Using Jamaican samples and toasters with locals MC's it was proper madness. I loved and progressed through Goldie and Metalheadz into the D & B we know today... Original Jungle nights were proper madness... Jamaican Yardies, drugs, guns and hectic beats.... get. in.

SOTD 2.11.19: 2pac - Hit Em Up

I'd straight forgotten to listen to 2Pac. I pulled up the jam 'Changes' for some work shit, then Shanks reminded me of the jam that got Pac shot. Heavy vibes. West Coast.

SOTD 01.29.19: LD (67) feat. Dizzee Rascal - Stepped In

Remember when Dizzee transcended Grime into the mainstream... long before Stormsy and Skepta???? - just listened to an interview with him and it was bomb. Fool is still on it. Now EP bangs.

SOTD 01.17.18: Amyl And The Sniffers - Cup Of Destiny

I grew up on Aussie rock n Roll: ACDC, Rose Tattoo, Radio Birdman, Saints, Razar etc... this new take it all and roll it together with some Sharpie (Aussie Skinheads) swagger. I dig it. I was also a bit fan of Amyl Nitrate in my post glue sniffing days... apparantly it doesn't exist anymore. When I googled it, it just saidf 'brain damage' and 'nail polish remover'.... ahhhh teenage dreams etc

SOTD 1.09.18: The Novice - Your Crime

Post Marked Men, pre Radioactivity Jeff Burke in Japan.... he didn't carry this song over but it's a fave.... 'Your Crime: is you don't want me'

SOTD 12.7.18: Loski - Teddy Bruckshot

Still firing on the UK Grime tip. Im nearly 50 but still have time for face-masks and guns...

SOTD: 12.6.18 - Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love With Someone

My brother brought home a punk compilation on tape when He was 11 and I was 8 or 9. First time I'd ever heard the Exploited, Adverts or Buzzcocks. Ever since I've loved them all, especially the Buzzcocks first LP... no-one ever sounded like them and no-one ever will.


Pete Shelley the singer died today. RIP.