SOTD 3.7.19: Reason To Believe - Drawing Board

When I first met my missus I was obsessed with a band called Sensefield (Im sure I've done an SOTD in the past on them) - before that band, singer John Bunch was in Reason To Believe - straddling the SOCal Straight Edge scene and a more melodic vibe this lot were years ahead of the time (along with folks like Verbal Assault) - sounds as good today as it did them. RIP John Bunch

SOTD 3.5.19: The Prodigy - Breathe

Much of my youth was spent of my napper in fields listening to electronic music. The Prodigy always brought the heat. This week we lost a good one. RIP Keith Flint.

SOTD 2.19.19: Dub Pistols - Mucky Weekend

Featuring Rodney P this Jungle rub is a banger. My mate Isaac is obsessed with old UK jungle right now and it's taking me back to the days banged up on E's and whizz driving round the countryside looking for raves. Mucky Weekend?? had 'em mate.....